Tuesday 18 June 2019
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How to organize the bachelor’s party and who organizes?

One of the main doubts about the bachelor party is: “Who organizes?” But the truth is that anyone can organize the bachelor party, both the bride and groom as the godparents themselves. Sometimes even the parents of the newlyweds plan that day!

Together, the bride and groom should talk and agree on the best bachelor party option for you. Think about what will make them both more comfortable to do in the day. What kind of party or trip do you intend to have. After that, just organize and research the best places to have the farewell!

Godfathers and Bridesmaids

The godparents and bridesmaids LOVE to organize the bachelor party! After all, this will be the last time they can celebrate as singles together. However, avoid uncomfortable situations with the bride and groom talking to them to know which farewell preference. Many couples already have a plan for what to do, so communicate and party according to what they want.

Invest in fun parties, but without extrapolating in the fun. Call friends, a nice bar service, barbecue, and invite even a different attraction to cheer the staff. And, if the party is organized in favor of the ladies, your girlfriends can easily hire the San Diego male strippers to make the night party more colorful.

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Parents of the Bride and Groom

When the bride and groom’s parents decide to contribute to the bachelor party, it means that quieter parties, trips, or even gig tickets are coming! Parents always think about what is best for their children, which makes the present exactly in the style of the couple. Talk to the bride and groom and give a special gift to mark the arrival of the wedding in style!

Who to invite?

The amount of guests can vary according to what the couple plans to do. But, it’s always best to invite your closest friends. It does not have to be a very big party with several guests. Only those who are always around make a difference. Invite close friends if the party is going to be naughty.

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