Tuesday 21 May 2019
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The Methods You need and The Methods of Sexual Times

First, you will have made a big step when you understand that most of the tips to seduce that you can find easily on the net are – at best – funny, and at worst dangerous (read, to better understand, our series why the Anglo-Saxon seduction techniques have done you so much harm), but in no way attractive .

The 5 + 1 fundamentals to flirt with a woman who likes you

How to seduce a woman, other than by starting to remember the fundamentals? Because, there is no magic formula, but there are many techniques to teach you how to flirt. In the same way you do not learn to play the piano or to swim with your instinct, with a teacher and a method, whether written or not. With the tucson escorts the options come perfect now.

While you meet this girl who likes you on a site dedicated to the meeting or fortuitously in going to get the bread, the fundamentals of the seduction never change and you must learn them by heart to hope to attract a girl. No exception.

Less fascination on their part for the strong sex

No amorous obsession

Do not put women on a pedestal, do not idolize them, do not consider them as small jewels of fragility around which the whole society must organize to protect them. Whether it is a perfect stranger or your ex, do not fantasize too much about his so-called “perfection”, “purity”, or whatever. If there was only one advice to remember, it would be this one.

The Methods You need and The Methods of Sexual Times

Seduction for Dummies: Friday

All the problems of the world, said I-do-not-know-who come from the moment when we decide that we miss a being. And everything gets worse when you decide that this being is irreplaceable. As incredible as it sounds when you’re in the eye of the storm, it’s never true. All beings are replaceable, time (and experience) will teach you, so do not hold out the stick to beat yourself and do not accredit one of them to hurt you on the pretext that he or she would be perfect. Nobody is done, do you know it yet?

The following tip touches on your trend sheet of believing that people make you love what you give them on duty. This is false, and anyone who knows how to flirt knows it.

Too good too con

Do not be too nice. It is the subject of an entire chapter of my first book (The ideal man, Ed Flammarion), chapter illustrated with a metaphor at the base of dogs and cats: the good guys always end up victims.

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